Assignment 4: Project 1 Exploring Lines

To begin with, I selected the two pieces below to inspire my initial yarn explorations.

They carried similar marks and I thought having both paper sample and textile one might make for interesting interpretations into yarn making.

The first three tasks I felt out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know how to push the boundaries. I kept things pretty simple with finding ways of creating lines and textures that reflected the ‘freedom’, ‘scratchiness’ and close marks the my two sources showed.

I used the fabric with hearts on that I had made a colour palette from in the previous assignment but hadn’t investigated in any depth:

As well as investigating the colour variations I aimed to convey some of the playfulness that the design itself has.

I was interested in getting more creative with my use of materials and found ways to use plastic, lace and little crochet hearts (store bought). I thought that knotting and tying ‘bows’ accentuated some of the playfulness of the pattern design.

When working on the neutral colour palette I used more of my own spin yarn. I manipulated

When working on Exercise 4.2 Experimental yarns and concepts – there was a section that asked to push the material and physical qualities of the yarns. I found bits of polyester curtain and nettings which I then dipped in wax. I thought this might be an interesting way to depict the soft, bumpy looped/boucle effect.

These experiments gave more form and structure swell as structure to the yarn designs.

Using finer and thinner yarns means that any techniques takes longer so I am considering using twine, string and then dye it to achieve colour variation?

I have particularly enjoyed using yarn that I have spun myself. I have found it lends itself to most investigations being of neutral colour. The variation in thickness of the spinning means that it can provide soft textures and more versatile linear marks.

I have learnt that texture and thickness is most important, as I can potentially alter colour.

I would like to investigate further with non traditional yarns such as plastics, cutting and knowing fabric instead,

I would like to combine yarns and spin/ply them to create new colours and textures.