Assignment 4, Yarns: reworked and re-presented

I continued to work on the last 2 parts of the project. In particular sticking and attaching in multiple ways to construct the yarn. I sewed bits on and also experimented with sellotape to join.

I still feel that I could explore these ideas much further. I would have been interested to explore using plastics, and to refine ways to make slit film-esque yarns.

One thing I am still learning about with studying this course is how to discern when enough is enough. How to manage the time I have left. The more I reworked this part of the course; the less time I was giving myself for Part 5.

When I sent my work off originally, I chose to temporarily stick the yarns in a book as I hadn’t worked out the most effective way to show them. My tutor suggested card or sketchbook but finding more subtle ways to stick them in.

So I took them all apart and decided to present any initial small samples along with the inspiration piece as a ‘landscape’ board. End then selected yarns to show side by side, perhaps elevating one or two by showing them on an individual board.

I think this worked much better, I appreciated the importance of giving work S P A C E !


As I had reflected on in my earlier reflection post, I chose to present my yarns on A2 boards.