My name is Jess. I live in West Wales. For some years I have wanted to get immersed  and to explore the breadth and depth of all things textile. At the moment I am curious about so many aspects: surface pattern, weaving, embroidery, sculptural/constructed, dyeing….I was so happy to eventually come across OCA and something just clicked and I decided to go for it!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jess, just found your blog, whilst trying to find you online I found a picture of you and your beautiful daughter there’s lovely to know you are a Mam now. Hope life is treating you well, I am about to start a similar project to the PCF we worked on but this time its cataloging sculpture. Have you been contacted to be involved or are you doing other stuff these days ? You still making prints ?
    All the best


    1. Hi Dave! Great to hear from you – and yes PCF got in touch but unfortunately I couldn’t commit to it due to childcare and my teaching job!
      I did refer it on to my friend so no doubt you might be working with him on the sculpture photography?
      I am studying for a Textiles degree online, hence the blog! I have a studio in town now and on a mission to refine my practice and make a go of it eventually. How are you and your family?


      1. Hi Jess, glad to hear you are finding success with your art and creativity. A friend of ours who lives just up the road is into her textiles too, she has a few special sheep(they have a farm) that she is creating yarns from I will have to tell her about your blog, if she doesn’t already know of it.

        Our family is good thanks, cant remember whether we were still working on PCF when number baban 2 came along. How many kids you got?



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