Assignment 5: Playing with fragility

I read an article in a Textile journal – I am unable to reference it here unfortunately as cannot find it again. It was asking the question that my tutor has previously asked me in a feedback report – to consider what ‘surface’ really means. What is material? Even in her last report ( I had to send my work off for this assignment before getting it finished in order to meet the deadline) – there is the question that maybe I could even use paper in some of my pieces.

With this in mind, I have returned to experimenting with dissolvable film, and using light fabrics such as muslin, netting, organza ribbon and tissue and parchment papers.

As I have worked through the project, I am becoming interested in the tension between strength and fragility. I think the objects themselves explore this:

  • the crystals can seen fragile, shiny, delicate – and yet they are a hard rock!
  • the copper bottle is strong but has also been bashed and hammered into shape.
  • the fish leather in it’s original state as fish skin could have been torn and broken and yet through the tanning process has become deceptively strong.

As I turn to making small ‘fragments’ I pin them to larger base fabrics. Thinking about how to attach them, How to put them together.

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