Assignment 5: Moving towards resolving

Having tutor feedback,  I am getting the idea to make sure I communicate clearly my intentions with what I am working with almost to exaggerate everything.
So for instance many of my samples are themselves ‘fragments’. They are off cuts from other pieces of work. I share a studio space with others, one of whom make costumes for reenactments. She has bags of bits of linen and felts.
As such I don’t even think about the ‘base’ piece itself, sometimes the size has already been dictated.
Responding to the point that I must emphasise the qualities of my samples; I already started sanding and heavily fraying some of my edges this afternoon. Many of my early visual responses I described as unfinished, suggested, trailing.. I don’t feel therefore that the final samples all necessitate strong highly defined borders.
I also went back to drawing to play around with ideas.

From my earlier experiments with stitch, yarns and netting concepts, I went back to the drawing board and played with composition ideas.

My tutor also advised I consider how to create fine pieces and then find ways to join them together. She suggested I look in to the fagotting technique which I did and experimented a little with in my book.

Quite soon I remembered the work I had done in assignment 2 with dissolvable film and immediately investigated the possibility of using this technique in a more refine way.

My tutor did point out that my work was perhaps a little tentative and stylised. I agree with this. I feel like I have to push for resolution if I want everything finished in time to send off by mid September.  However I feel like I totally restricted myself into a corner by stylising. There’s a fine balance I am discovering between playing and experimenting and then refining work to a more resolved state!
 I hope that as I work through the capsule collection, this opens up more and shows ore experimental risks.

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