Self directed theme: Minerals & Fragments

Listening to advice from my tutor I strengthened my theme by paring down my choice of objects. I know this as an art tutor myself: the biggest challenge for art students is in the process of refinement. How well are they able to select. It takes some courage and boldness I think to be prepared to get rid of stuff!

By using the theme of Minerals & Fragments, I have chosen my crystal collection, the copper bottle and the fish leather. I took endless photos of these. Playing with light, combinations, composition and scale.

I see photography as a useful tool to look at and explore objects. It’s fast so great for those early days when you want to capture everything.

I made many visual responses. I found painting, drawing and photographing the objects helped me to understand what it was that interested me the most. I like the space around the objects, looking at how they lay next to each other. I spent much time arranging and rearranging them to see what worked.

I also spent time finding words to describe the drawings, so as to help me consider what qualities I wanted to translate.

Many words emerging were: spaced, suggested, watery, fluid, pattern, repeat, edges, scratched, fragment, rose, line, undefined, trails, investigative.

After a lot of consideration I have chosen that I would rather work in depth at my pace although that means I’ll forego tutor support for the last bit as I plan to continue on with ATV through the summer and apply for the Oct/Nov formal assessment.