Part 3: Colour Studies

I have ended up using my notebook more than the blog for this project, as I wanted to keep focussed on the practical tasks and literally took notes as I went.

I will briefly summarise my thoughts here:

Project 1: Colour Palettes and Proportion

I enjoyed working with gouache although achieving the delicacy of each colour takes a lot of practice with colour mixing

The yarn wraps are a fascinating way of dissecting colour- st the point of taking these notes I’ve made two so far and need to look at other examples and blogs to get an idea of the different ways and interpretations to create one.

The same with the watercolour studies.

I took a number of photos and spent a bit of time choosing composition etc. The changing light inevitably changes the colour tones for an exercise like this and I am aware that capturing and ‘fixing’ would only truly work if I had worked from a photo rather than a real still life.

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