Textile Manipulation

Having decided to take a break from my first sample, I wanted to consider how to devise my second piece.
I was conscious that I had until now completed ignored the task request to go about exploring and manipulating different base textiles, using the previous paper manipulation exercise as inspiration.
I seemed to have an aversion to it, a block!
I looked back at my earlier samples and decided to focus on how to create the dynamism, strong marks and lines and torn edges.
One way was to puncture the fabric like I had done with paper.
I tried various different types from muslin to linen to thicker upholstery cotton with a machine needle to pierce holes- but nothing showed up.
I used some scissors to slash and cut denim and the upholstery fabric and played around with sewing and mending the cuts I had made.
I quite liked the idea of used denim, and how this material has big strong and playful qualities which is what I want to focus on.

I used discharge too, which didn't work at all on the denim but did in the other fabric.
I am finding that the cuts and slashes have created 'movement', which is something I would like to achieve.

The discharge needs a bit more experimentation, possibly on another material as I think it does create a playful quality but needs some refinement.
I like how it looks on an earlier black cotton sample I made where I have also experimented with some different stitches and threads/yarns:

I also experimented with folding, and have begun by creating pleats on muslin:

Also pinching and tucking:

I feel like all these ideas and processes need a lot more working out and experimentation and yet I am on a strict time/deadline!
Part of the challenges with the art process is deciding what to let go of and what to focus on, understanding that I won't be able to do everything!

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