Continuing Placed and Spaced

What also came up was a strategy that would help my way of working – where I have many ideas but often get caught up in not managing to realise them, is to decide on a certain restriction for myself when approaching the final section of Part 2.

Either based around the choice of source image (s), or colour palette, yarn, or material. Imposing a limitation will give me a better structure from which to work around.


These are the three images I chose to inspire me. I wrote post its with what qualities each one had that made me select them:

Flower collage: dynamic, sharp, contrast, soft, delicate, fragile, strong

Detail collage of blanket: colour palette, torn edges, lines

Square watercolour drawing: playful, movement, little marks.

Since I had already begun on the dynamic collage, following the discussion with my tutor I decided to get even more focussed on the aspect that interested and excited me the most- the red detail.

I experimented a lot with different pink and red coloured threads and used free motion stitch and dissolvable fabric, Muslim and organza.

I felt these fabrics best replicated the delicacy and fragility of the piece that I wanted to capture.

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