Larger Samples


Having looked back through my drawings, as the task requested, I chose two different pieces to work from: a large ink drawing and a small etching on an inky background.

I thought one was interesting because of the different opacities I had gained – using the ink in a number of ways and I was interested to see how how I would translate this into stitch.


I prepared my paper by creasing and folding, based on one of my earlier paper manipulation samples. I thought this would achieve some of the dynamic qualities of the piece and create movement. I used a mixture of black threads and wool to create the variety that the depths of marks show on the paper.

The watery diluted geometric shapes in the corner of my drawing I translated by using plain cotton thread and created long line stitches side by side. I think this is the most successful of the stitches/marks I have interpreted.

I noticed with working on this exercise that I did get bored and fed up with working on them. They are not completely finished, but maybe that’s because I felt like I ‘got’ what I needed from them.

I finally decided to honour my unlinear way of working, and despite not having fully completed this task, nor spent much time ‘planning’ the assignment. I nonetheless decided to dive straight in.

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