Beginning Assignment 2: Placed and Spaced

Although the handbook talks about planning this stage, maybe drawing and looking back  at previous samples etc, I really had the urge to get on and make, get some of my ideas out of the way.

I knew I was interesting in pursuing making a response to one of the ‘dynamic’ flower collages. I also looked at some of my paper samples and stitches to guide my mark making. I was particularly interested in exploring the line and the random, red part of the vase:



I find that my planning happens more in the making, I have to physically try things out and experience them first hand in order to decide whether the idea is worth pursuing.

I brought this up in the online video call I had with my tutor. Many of my concerns about my process are fears of not doing  the tasks properly or in the right order, not finishing what I’ve started. My tutor was so helpful and suggested making my samples smaller if needed, or to accept the space around the sample. There is a question that arises here (and will continue to rear up): what is overworked and what is underworked?

With that in mind I didn’t spend too much time working out a base material. I knew I wanted to capture a fragile dynamism (oxymoron?) that the collage communicated. I chose a very thin muslin and wadding and referring back to my earlier paper stitch samples used a simple embroidery stitch for the brown ‘bark’. The red part I found using all sorts of yarns and cottons and wool in a much more random way.

I began to introduce a green wool I had dyed last year, to follow more of the collage but as soon as I put it in I felt it didn’t work. I took it straight out again. It affected the focus of the work – too much going on. This was my first real action in realising the strengths of limiting one’s palette.


What also came up was a strategy that would help my way of working – where I have many ideas but often get caught up in not managing to realise them, is to decide on a certain restriction for myself when approaching the final section of Part 2.

Either based around the choice of source image (s), or colour palette, yarn, or material. Imposing a limitation will give me a better structure from which to work around.





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