My approach to this course has not been as dynamic or fast moving as I have wanted it to be. There have been many times when I have considered giving up.

I have been reflecting and wondering and pondering over why it is hat I can’t seem to give my creative making the same value I can give in other areas of my life.

Is it because I’m a fake? Is it because I am ‘going against the grain’, so to speak?

I  am aware that some of this is a vicious cycle: I need to turn up and make, the more I do this the more I’ll put value on what I’m doing and therefore the more I’ll turn up and make, the more inspired I’ll get.

I am finding the making path a lonely one and have come to realise that I crave mentoring and more dialogue around my work. More sharing. The blog is obviously a great platform for some of this to happen. But this sometimes feels like I’m writing and putting it out into space!

So how do I move on from here?

I need to find ways and people to talk to about my work in progress more. By giving it airspace, time and energy, it gives it the value- the nourishment it needs for it to grow….