2.1 Selecting

I thought this was a really good exercise to do at this stage. Although I didn’t have the space to hang all my drawings up around me, I did my best to lay them out. The importance of selecting and the ability to do it I think is key to being a good artist/creative.

It requires one to stand back and really consider what the intentions of the task require. I had to go through a process of keeping some drawings in my refined pile (which was about 18 drawings) before finally putting them aside, realising that I was keeping them in because I liked them, rather than because they would provide the most visual interest and act as the best stimulus for the next part of the project.

Because the majority of my work has been made out of a sketchbook I made notes on post it notes and stuck them directly to the appropriate image. In fact, I am STILL working out an effective system to use my sketchbook. I am still reluctant to write out too many notes in it only to copy them up on to my online log. Nor do I feel the need to take photos and both print them out for sketchbook annotation purposes as well as posting them online. I do like efficiency, possibly because I am so time starved in my life right now, but I worry that I am not ‘doing’ enough for the annotation/learning log aspect of the course.

I found it easy to gather about 10 drawings but it was harder to whittle these down to my final 6. I chose one of my large scale pieces, a monotype detail, my etching, another detail using pen and watercolour, a little square watercolour detail, one of my collages that had got feedback from my tutor as being dynamic. I thought it would be interesting to try and interpret these marks.


I then used post it notes again to describe each one before working out which papers I might assign to what in readiness to begin the paper manipulation exercise.


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