Research Point 3: David Hockney

David Hockney oeuvre is broad and wide ranging; through the subjects and themes he investigates and his varied use of media and style.

What I found particularly interesting was how different his black and white charcoal drawings of trees look compared to the rest of his vibrant colour work. I think this is because I have also known him to engage with colour so much, whether in his paintings, drawings, stage design or photographs. The charcoal drawings show more textures. I really like the “Guest House Wall” which showed a wide range of tones and mark making, and exploring how many different marks and effects one can create with charcoal.

His computer drawings, “Autumn Leaves, 2008” could almost lend themselves to a design for a textile pattern.

His other drawings and paintings, using crayon, watercolour and oil paint are bold, bright – many seem almost stylised, but depth is created, not only through perspective and composition, but his search to make different marks. Lines, squiggles, dots…

He inspires and reminds me to not be limited by media or one type of line. He pushes the boundaries and is fresh about it.


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