Project 3: Picking and Portraying

Drawing, what is it?

I always think of it in it’s widest sense as recording something visually. Thinking something through visually. A visual way of describing what one sees, what one is engaging with. So one can choose any tool to record this, if it is creating a visual note of it. Drawing therefore does not need to be only about line and pencil. It is to capture the qualities of what is being observed. It is there to make a visual record of all the elements. Tone, contrast, texture, space, form, relationship between objects, movement, shape, mood. Drawing allows us to fully understand something, visually.

There are many tools for the job. The past two projects I have used pen and indian ink and brush with joy, so I think I will push this further in the next project. Although part of me judges this as not being experimental enough? The mixture of using ink and water inspires me to use some watercolour too, so that I get begin to look at colour too.

I would like to work in different scales and formats. Putting together pieces of paper as I go.I also made a beginning in investigating collage, and I would like to continue to see how I can make use of this.  I’d like to go even further and possible use more printing techniques. I’d like to do some screen printing, but it depends if I can gather the materials and resources in time…

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