1.5: Collage & Creases

As I write about the last exercise in this project, I have observed the way I am using the learning log is to bring my work together and note some aspects of it. From looking at other people’s blogs, they have much more writing, and this is something I still need to assess and work out how best to get my notes, thoughts and reflections down. It continues to surprise me as I normally love writing, especially reflective type thoughts!

Anyway, the collage work was interesting and engaging. I don’t think I got to complete grips with it, although I did find it helpful and liberating to look at the work of other collage artists. I created this Pinterest board which helped to define the areas and aspects I found most interesting. I found it quite a discipline to look at the items through shape, colour and pattern without my normal reliance on line!


I also painted some sheets with different media ranging from watered down acrylic, gouache and inks. I created little thumbnail colour palettes to help me extract the colours I thought I needed to use. I also used some very old coloured etchings I had made over 10 years ago that were sat in my draw.


I did find that working from the photos meant I was creating quite flat images. I really had to look to see how to create more depth and texture. I found layering helped, and getting creative with the magazine papers I used, not always using full blocks of colour.

I didn’t always ‘finish’ or complete the collages, I was working on solving how to create and record these blankets and found that the best way was to keep having a go at different compositions.


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