A break!

Well I unintentionally took a break after submitting my Introductory Assignment, mainly due to our whole household getting a big bout of hefty flu. We are now at the tail end of it, and I have managed to grab back some time again to focus on the course.

I have been deliberating where to go for the archive project work. I live in rural Wales and the obvious options have been to pay a visit to the Quilt Centre in Lampeter. Or to go and see Jane Becks emporium of Welsh blankets. Or visit the National Wool Museum, which I have been meaning to go to for a while. I did email them and got a very kind reply back saying that if I told them what I was wanting they would happy to arrange a time for me to visit and access the archive. I keep thinking it might be more interesting to access a more ‘constructed’ textiles collection, but I feel that the area here has such a rich history of quilts, wool, weaving that it would be a shame not to explore what is in front of me.