I am still working out the best way to use the blog as a learning log. Really, I think it would have been more practical and useful if I had photographed my drawings as I went along, and reflected and annotated them in intervals, or hand written some notes on the drawings, which is what I naturally would have done if I wasn’t going to keep an online log too.

I think I will do my best to organise them thematically, grouping them in terms of the materials and techniques used: A range of pencils, graphite stick, fine liner, ink, charcoal, and conte pastel, mainly on cartridge paper and some tracing and tissue paper.

The first set are of the drawings I made with pencils. I tended to use a range, mainly 2B, 4B and 6B. I tended to use A3 and A2 paper for these.

Outline of the patterns on the lamp in pencil and a little graphite shading
Quick pencil studies of the little knitted bootie
Two pencils together (B and 2B)
Two pencils together (B and 2B)
Tonal and shade study
A study of some of my objects focussing on line, shape, and some texture using F, 2B, 4B and 6B pencil
Original pencil and carbon paper tracing. I had never used carbon in this way before but found some in a draw. I was impressed with how different the reproduction looked, and thought it was even more successful than the pencil drawing in reflecting the qualities of an Iced Landscape.

I also used ink, fine liner pen, a brush and a quill type nib, which the following drawings show. I found I could create interesting contrasts and textures in this way and particularly enjoyed this way of working.

I used charcoal and conte, which I found I was least successful at, although after looking at the artists (see previous post), I was inspired to have another go, this time mixing my media and using both charcoal, conte and pen and ink.

I felt these made much more interesting drawings as I was able to add detail to the tonal qualities which the charcoal and conte produced.

Charcoal, conte, pen and ink
Close up


My last group are drawings made on tracing and tissue papers. I either traced them, especially when wanting to create a repeat pattern for instance, created rubbings, or I used these papers for their own qualities, which I found were appropriate for the Iced Landscape theme. They reflected the contrast textures between the  hard/crinkly, crunchy snow and the fragility of thin ice.

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