This is normal

It has been 3 weeks since I enrolled on the course. I got into it right away, set up my blog/profile, read through the first assignment, and then began! With gusto and curiosity!
But then I had a trip away, and other commitments have had to be made priority. Also, although I do like blogging, it feels a little less spontaneous.
When I journal or write notes, I can write as little or as much, no titles needed, no grammar checking, no making sure the entry is organised and tagged and in the right section!
I do know that this is normal, from reading others’ blogs, and from knowing my own working style. It’s easy to let things build up…

Although I feel that I may not have been doing my eight hours a week, in truth I probably have. I spend a lot of time thinking about the work and although I might not frequently write those thoughts down or post more regular entries, I do take down notes and then write them all up into one. My aim is to make an entry once a week, and make it like a ‘weekly check in’.
Where am I at? What have I done? What am I discovering? What do I want to do next?

I have been thinking again about the photos I took. I have lots, but endeavoured to be selective about which ones to post.
It is a challenge to select/edit and highlight but when it has been done ‘right’ it is effective and allows for clear and focussed thinking.
The thing is, now I am worrying that I should put more up, or should have written more reflective analysis on each of them.
Maybe I didn’t post up enough of the ones that didn’t work too well?

What I am pleased about is that I don’t fight my way of working anymore.
For instance, with the drawing part of the introductory assignment, I have noticed that I don’t have the attention span to stick to one drawing for too long. But instead of making all my drawings quick 5-15min sketches, I have decided to keep several drawings on the go, so that I can rotate and move on to the next one when my focus begins to drop.

I will post some photos of work in progress at the end of the weekend.

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